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Hi there, and welcome to Bridgend County
– a relatively new administrative division based upon the town of Bridgend in the industrial heart of South Wales, U.K. Although the County may be quite a recent creation, the area it covers has a history that extends thousands of years into the past. I’ve lived here most of my life, and for over 50 years have been delving into and exploring its past and that of the adjoining areas.

This web-site invites you to join me for a selection of excursions into our history that I have made over the years, exploring its legends and stories and reconstructing the lives of some of those to whom it has been “home”. Like our past this web site will be constantly changing with new features added and older ones sent to the archives section where they will be available for perusal by new visitors.

In addition the “Away Day” section covers excursions to historic locations outside the County.

Barrie Griffiths


Pwll-Y-Dyfan, Sker Point

Updated   28.07.11  -  The Maid of Cefn Ydfa Article